Bianka Léone, the art of brightening up everyday life

Cushions, wall hangings, bags and pouches all made in France

Une inspiration poétique

Poetic inspiration

Immersed in the sophisticated and wonderful world of a poetic collector, her grandmother, Véronique Boissy, a textile designer and founder of the brand draws her inspiration from precious childhood memories, her travels and the treasures that she hunts down with a passion.

Des créations originales

Original creations

Véronique Boissy’s exclusive and subtly coloured creations are oneiric, the fruit of an artistic journey pairing materials with photographs. Sophisticated and exotic, they take you on an imaginary journey.

Une fabrication française

French production

The brand’s products are entirely made in France. They are developed with an ecologically responsible approach in mind, favouring short distribution channels and top grade raw materials, in keeping with the brand’s values and clients.

Bianka Léone creations